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Board of Directors


Dave Anderson - President

Member since 1995

As a trial lawyer and partner in McLachlan Brown Anderson, Dave first became interested in Cheshire when a client became a resident of King Edward House.

Since joining the board in 1995 David has become progressively more involved with the Leonard Cheshire Disability Global Alliance and is now Chairperson of the Americas Region and Canadian National Chairperson.

David’s commitment to CHSBC is based on his belief “that it was and clearly remains the right thing to do. Assisting the survivors of acquired brain injury and by extension persons with any kind of disability through my involvement with Leonard Cheshire Disability has offered many non-monetary rewards and a great measure of personal satisfaction. It helps that our staff are terrific and our residents are most definitely proud and happy that we are there for them and with them”.


Cliff Bottoms – Vice President

Member since 2002

Cliff brings a diverse wealth of experience to the board as his career path includes Occupational Health and Safety, HR, Environmental Technologist, Injury Management in areas as far ranging as manufacturing, port terminal and shipbuilding businesses and crown corporations

Cliff volunteers on CHSBC’s board because he believes, “We all have a responsibility to volunteer somewhere, and I am fortunate to be able to aid the CHSBC, by providing some of the knowledge that I have gained throughout my life to aid unfortunate individuals that have been involved in tragic and unlucky events. I joined the CHSBC when a childhood friend of mine was involved in one of these such tragic events. I am now rewarded meeting people from all walks of life, and being of some service to the community. It is gratifying to be able to volunteer some of my free time to a valuable cause


Anushka Perera - Treasurer

Member since  2012     

Soon after completing her MBA (Sauder) Anushka worked in the public sector.  While seeking roles, she found a good fit within healthcare’s emerging areas driven by legislated changes to the use of public services.  She brings experience as a management consultant, direct marketing and project management roles in philanthropy. 

Anushka volunteers at because “CHSBC has a reputation for serving people who are learning to live through a brain injury.  Through this service they practice acceptance, empowerment, independence and opportunity.  I am inspired by those who we serve.”



Reginald A Smith - Secretary

Member since   September 1992

Reg sustained an ABI as a result of a motor vehicle accident in 1989.  After a period of rehabilitation at King Edward House, Reg has continued to support CHSBC through being an active participant with the Board of Directors. Through his personal experiences, Reg provides invaluable insight and is the longest serving member of the Board. 



Judy Alexander - Director

Member since   1978 to 1990 and 2005 to present

Judy’s extensive experience at Worksafe specializing in TBI, with her focus on rehabilitation, brings valuable background and insight to our board.   Judy is also an accomplished artist and teacher in the discipline of mixed media and has produced works in acrylics, oils and textiles. 

She volunteers at CHSBC because being involved and helping people with traumatic brain injury has been her passion for over 30 years.



Doug Galloway- Director

Member since 2013

Doug is a seasoned Human Resources business partner with success in all facets of Human Resources management with considerable expertise in employee development and coaching, leadership, mentoring, team building, facilitation, change and project management   Doug gained his experience in the retail, tourism, financial services, produce and health care sectors.

Doug continues to volunteer in several community organizations and believes that everyone should give back to the community to help those in need and to leave the world a better place.



Larry Hipson - Director

Member since  2000

Previously, Larry was involved in real estate development, construction and financial advising throughout the lower mainland.  A seasoned public speaker, he has received certificates for public speaking regarding fraud awareness.

Larry volunteers to acquire further knowledge, his personal interests include golfing, photography, hiking, reading, and dancing. 



Alex Jackson  Director

Member since 2013      

Alex is a Vocational Rehabilitation Consultant specializing in catastrophic injuries; primarily traumatic brain injuries.  He holds a Master’s Degree (counselling psychology) as well as a BSW. He worked at WorkSafeBC on the Head Injury Team as well as Special Care Services providing vocational rehab and case management services to catastrophically injured workers.   Currently in private practice providing vocational assessments, cost of future care reports, and expert advice and consultation on matters pertaining to brain injury rehabilitation, disability management, and complex injury recovery and rehabilitation. Since 2002, I have been retained by the Ministry of Justice (Crime Victim Assistance Program) to provide expert rehabilitation advice for catastrophic and complex claims.    

Alex has worked with Cheshire Homes Society of BC since the early 90’s in his capacity as a VRC working with brain injured individuals. He is very supportive of services provided by CHSBC and is committed to its continued growth and success.


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