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Residential Care Worker

(Port Coquitlam)

We are hiring Casual Residential Care Workers for our group home in Port Coquitlam.  Work in this small home-like environment supporting 5 medically fragile clients.   Applicants must be a registered care aide.

Job Summary:

In consultation with the Program Manager and Director of Client Services, the Residential Care Worker provides nursing assistance, personal care, community leisure programs, companionship, housekeeping duties and support to individuals with a brain injury living in a group home, while providing a safe, natural, clean, home-like environment. Encourages the clients to be as independent as possible and to achieve an active, productive and rewarding lifestyle, by working side by side with the clients, implementing positive, creative experiences to enhance clients quality of life.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Reads clients daily log books and team communication book, at the start of each shift and writes health/leisure progress notes in clients log books, by the end of each shift.
  2. Prepares, administers and documents medications, under the direction of the physician.
  3. Contacts emergency services immediately in life threatening situations such as major illness or injury and follows emergency team direction for action.
  4. Provides nursing assistant care such as observing skin for ulcers, wounds, infections and skin problems, suppositories, taking and recording vital signs, application of dressings and topical medications including ointments and lotions as set up and outlined by the registered nurse.
  5. Provides personal care such as bathing, dressing, oral hygiene, hair care, bladder and bowel care and other non-nursing care as outlined in the residential care plans.
  6. Observes and monitors the clients and their environment each shift, and reports physical, cognitive or behavioural changes, to the manager.
  7. Positions/repositions by means of ceiling lift or two person repositioning for comfort, safety, body alignment, promotion of respiration and circulation.
  8. Follows the mealtime guidelines set up and outlined by the registered dietician nutritionist for oral/tube feeds by preparing, cooking, feeding, administering, noting changes in appetite and/or food preferences, and storage of food.
  9. Performs range of motion exercises as set up and outlined by the occupational therapist.
  10. Transfers by means of ceiling lift/mechanical lift in accordance with the occupational therapist's guidelines.
  11. Encourages and motivates the clients through trust building, sharing and companionship.
  12. Participates in clients leisure activities that include, swim programs, parties, crafts, shopping, games, reading, computer time, pet interaction, walks and dancing to stimulate social interaction and physical activity.
  13. Writes entries in petty cash ledger for recreation monies and provides receipts to the manger.
  14. Identifies and reports all potential safety hazards such as, wet floors, faulty equipment and ongoing maintenance concerns to the manager.
  15. Maintains household supply levels by checking and restocking supplies such as personal care, emergency and housekeeping supplies and assists in taking inventory.
  16. Shops for groceries by means of going to the store, collecting and purchasing food and household items.
  17. Completes general laundry that includes collecting and sorting soiled linen, washing, drying and folding sheets, towels, slings and distributes the items.
  18. Cleans and maintains kitchen/dining room area by means of washing, cleaning and storing dishes, cutlery, pots, pans, wiping counter tops, table, sink, empties garbage can.
  19. Maintains floors and carpets by sweeping, washing, vacuuming.
  20. Participates in weekly garbage/recycling maintenance by collecting and disposing of refuse and cleaning refuse area by means of sweeping and hosing area and cans.
  21. Maintains and clears sidewalks and driveway of debris by sweeping, including snow removal by shovelling.
  22. Performs other related duties as assigned.


  • High School diploma
  • current Long Term Care Aide certificate or equivalent such as, Home Support Worker, Community Care Worker
  • current Emergency CPR A / First Aid certificate for community care facilities
  • recent related experience working with the disabled population in a group home setting
  • recent related experience in behaviour modification techniques

Skills and Abilities:

  • physical and mental ability to carry out the duties of the position
  • ability to communicate effectively in spoken and written English
  • friendly and positive attitude
  • outstanding patience, tolerance and anger control
  • problem solving and decision making methods
  • time management and organizational skills
  • ability to identify triggers for anger/depression
  • ability to identify effective methods of behavioural control and compensatory strategies
  • ability to work cooperative and share information
  • ability to follow direction and instruction
  • housekeeping skills

Starting Wage:

  • $23.27/hr

To Apply:

Please submit your resume indicating the postion you are interested in to apply@cheshirehomes.ca 

Contact information

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Tel: 604-540-0686
Fax: 604-540-0684

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